YAY!YOGA is founded by Renée Leeuw. She followed her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Santosha Yoga Institute on Nusa Lembongan, a small island of Bali, Indonesia. Her training focused on the traditions of Hatha yoga. Her teaching style is best described as Vinyasa though. Expect an active and challenging flow, focused on building strength and flexibility in the body and mind. During class, Renée will always create moments of stillness, allowing you to (re)connect with your breath and find your balance.

Renée’s classes are open to all levels and structured in a way that everyone can join. If you’re more advanced and want to level up your practice, feel free to explore and move deeper into a pose within your range of movement.

“My aim is to guide everyone through the practice in a safe and fun way. I like to see you smile and laugh.”

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Come flow with me

Want to join me on the mat? You can find me at various locations in Amsterdam. Check out the schedule and find a class near you.

“I believe that yoga is for everyone. The only tool you need is your breath. And I assume you’ve got that covered.”

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