#8 Lara Heimann

Lara Heimann is a yoga teacher and physical therapist who is specialised in neurodevelopmental training. Through this deep understanding of body and brain mapping, she created the LYT™ method, which we will obviously talk about in this episode of the YAY!YOGA podcast. In this conversation we cover lots of interesting topics, such as the importance of touch, mobility versus flexibility, the yoga butt and how to prevent it, the impact of technology on posture, hyper-mobility and yoga, active versus passive stretching and the difficulties in yin yoga from a brain perspective, raising kids when you are a vegan and much much more. 

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Shownotes: stuff & people we talked about

  • Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change and grow. This video explains how that works.
  • Why you should engage your glutes in backbends? Lara explains.
  • Hyper-mobility is when your nervous system does not give feedback when you are at or beyond your end range of motion (or somewhere in between).
  • Yin yoga is a form of yoga where you go into seated or supine poses for a long hold (2-5 minutes). These poses are aimed at releasing tension in both body and mind. On a physical level, yin yoga is working into the flexibility in a passive way, so no engagement of muscles.
  • Forward head is when the head is tilted forward as a result of our phone/technology use. This image clearly demonstrates the difference between an ideal posture and a forward head posture.
  • The book that made Lara’s husband turn vegan: Animal Liberation by Peter Singer
  • Recommended book: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Connect with Lara Heimann

Instagram: @lara.heimann & @lytyogamethod
Website: www.lytyoga.com
Podcast: Redefining Yoga

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