#3 Daphne Koken

Daphne Koken is a prana vinyasa teacher, who inspires me a lot and also showed me the true beauty of this practice. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to study and practice with her a few times last year. In one of her teacher training modules, she taught me the art of lunar sequencing and that vinyasa is not only an active and energising practice, but it also has a very gentle aspect to it. In this episode of the YAY!YOGA podcast we talk about prana vinyasa, the importance of teaching from the traditions of yoga, how to connect with the cycles of nature, how knowing your own body doesn’t always mean you know what works for your students and much much more.

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Connect with Daphne Koken

Instagram: @dayogini
Website: www.daphnekokenyoga.com

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