#14 Sebastiaan Pagano

Sebastiaan Pagano is a strength and flexibility coach and head coach at Het Gymlokaal in Amsterdam, who has a lot of experience and knowledge in flexibility training for adults. In his search for the best method to increase his own range of motion he explored a broad range of disciplines, such as yoga, martial arts, movement and gymnastics. Through this journey he researched and experimented with many different stretching methods, among which some very efficient and aggressive ones that we will discuss in this episode of the YAY!YOGA podcast. We also talk about the misconceptions and myths in flexibility training, the difference between mobility and flexibility, yin yoga and the role of genetics in increasing your range of motion. I very much enjoyed this in-depth conversation and hope you get something out of it too.

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Connect with Sebastiaan Pagano

Instagram: @sebas_pagano
Or check Het Gymlokaal to book a spot for his group classes.

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