YAY!YOGA by Renée Leeuw

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Learn from the most inspiring yoga and movement teachers from around the world. In the YAY!YOGA podcast we talk about self-development, a lot of yoga-related topics and we explore how my guests became the great teachers that they are today.

“Look around you in nature, and you will find that everything is in a constant flow. Turn inwards and you will discover the same. The change of seasons, the ebbs and flows of the ocean and the cycles of the moon are all reflected in our body and mind. Nothing is ever static and that is exactly what makes life so interesting and diverse.”

– Renée Leeuw


Do you feel like a group class is not always giving you what you need? In a 1-on-1 we can work more specifically on improving your well-being in a holistic way. Sessions can be focused on Yoga, learning to handstand and/or increasing flexibility. Whether your question or goal is physical, emotional or both, I create a practice that is tailored to your needs. Interested? I’d love to hear from you.

Group Classes

I teach both active and restorative Vinyasa-based practices, where you get to work on building strength, increasing flexibility and releasing tension in both body and mind. Check the schedule for my group classes at Equal Yoga and Het Gymlokaal in Amsterdam.

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Practice online


Not able to make it to class? I’ve recorded some videos for you to flow along on my YouTube channel in your own time.


In our daily lives, our senses are constantly taking in impressions from our surroundings. Meditation helps me to counter the noises from the outside, by finding stillness on the inside. On Insight Timer you can meditate with me for free, anywhere at any time.


Questions, collaborations or any other requests? Send an email to info@yayyoga.nl

Connect with me on Instagram @reneeleeuw

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